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The Facts About Drowning

Every year we hear devastating stories of people who lost loved ones to drowning. A swimming pool is a valuable addition to any property and provides a place to enjoy the hot summer weather. However, they are a safety risk for people who don’t know how to swim, hence the need to prevent such scenarios [...]

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Is It Safe to Swim in a Pool with Low Alkalinity?

If you own a residential or commercial property with a pool, it is advisable to maintain the appropriate alkaline levels. A decrease in alkalinity means acid levels are high and often results in corrosion of pool equipment, etching on surfaces, and irritation on swimmers’ eyes, nose, and skin. In addition, if alkaline levels are too [...]

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What Can You Replace Your Swimming Pool With?

Getting rid of your swimming pool leaves you with the backyard version of a blank slate. Now is your chance to reimagine your backyard space and consider how you really want to use it. As most of your space was probably taken up by the pool, you can finally take a look at other major [...]

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Five Good Reasons Not to Own a Swimming Pool

Are you ready to give up on your swimming pool, but you desperately need to convince someone else in your life to green light a pool removal? We have ammunition for you. Few people understand the full impact pools might have on our life and our environment. It can be surprising when you tally it [...]

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