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Simple, proper pool demolition in Garland, TX

Pools are not necessarily worthwhile. There was a time when everyone in Texas was trying to fit a giant pool in their small backyard. As a result, there are many homes where people who didn’t necessarily want a pool spend tons of time and money trying to keep their pool swimmable, all while not being able to fit what they really want in their yard. Then there are safety and liability issues for children, pets and guests. Why not just get rid of it?

We offer proper pool removal in Garland, TX. We can turn your pool into some solid, lush green lawn or just give you the firm ground you need to build something else on. Discover how pool removal can benefit you today.

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The Costs of Pool Ownership

You might take for granted that you have to pay all of the costs associated with your pool. Have you ever added them up to see what they are? It’s not just financial costs but also stresses on your time and your peace of mind. Here is what pool ownership really costs:

  • Time: Do you clean your pool yourself? Testing the pool, adding chemicals, doing partial drains, arranging for repairs, opening and closing the pool, all of these things cost time. If you’re like most homeowners, you actually spend more time taking care of the pool than you actually spend swimming in it.
  • Money: If you pay someone to maintain your pool, that can cost quite a lot. Even if you don’t, the costs associated with your pool are huge. Consider your water bill, utilities for running the pump and the heater, the costs of buying a dozen chemicals, repairing broken parts or restoring broken liners or shells, and more. One thing is for sure: your pool costs you much more than a membership at a public pool.
  • Stress: Pools aren’t the safest thing to have in your home. There are new safety covers and gates, but pools still pose a risk to all children and pets. They can also draw in neighborhood kids who want to swim or teens might head into the pool when you’re not looking. Having a pool increases your homeowners’ insurance policy premiums for a reason.
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It’s Simple to Prep for Your Pool Removal

We take care of everything for your pool removal, from getting your permit to doing the final cleanup. That means there are only a handful of things we really need you to do for the removal, like:

  • Collect your pool toys
  • Move your patio furniture out of the way
  • Uninstall your pool equipment if you want to sell it
  • Dispose of your pool chemicals safely

What is Partial Pool Removal?

You don’t need to have the whole pool removed in order to get stable ground, enough to grow grass on. We can provide you with just a partial pool removal that will leave some pieces in the ground, but still drain rainwater properly and give you back the space in your yard.

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