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Our pool demolition team has served the residents of Allen, TX, for many years and we’re still just getting started. As the top swimming pool removal service, we have created a reputation for exceeding the client’s expectations. When you hire us to help you restore your property, rest assured we are licensed and insured by the necessary authorities in Texas. We aim to provide you with the highest industry standards in pool demolition by staying updated on local rules and continuing our education. In addition, our contracts leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to answer all your inquiries. We work with you to ensure the project is completed in time without compromising your premises’ quality or safety.

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The Process

The first step in a successful swimming pool demolition project is meeting with you to get a precise and clear understanding of your needs and future goals. Before the demolition day, the swimming pool is pumped to remove all the water. Once this is finished, our pool removal experts will come at the agreed time the following day with the necessary equipment to demolish your swimming pool. The average duration to restore your yard to its original state is 2 to 4 days, depending on pool size and accessibility. Once you have signed the paperwork giving us the go-ahead on removal, we guarantee unmatched pool demolition services without exceeding the set budget.

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Swimming Pool Demolition

Pool demolition is more invasive and costly than tearing down a shed or other structures on your property. The demolition entails removing the entire pool, components, and adjacent sidewalks. We also go the extra mile to ensure the debris and other waste are disposed of off-site. This is an excellent solution if you have plans to build near or on the swimming pool’s present location. Additionally, property owners in Allen, TX, who want to list their properties for sale can opt for professional demolition.

Swimming Pool Fill-In

Most people looking to demolish their swimming pools often request a fill-in, which is an affordable way of getting rid of the eyesore without damaging the premises. The last thing you want is a huge hole in the backyard after a complete pool removal, compromising the safety of your loved ones. Swimming pool fill-in projects usually require a ramp to the bottom, providing access to the pool floor. Once inside the pool, our contractors make holes in the floor before breaking down the side walls to approximately 1 ½ inches from the top of the ground.

The refuse is left in the pool, and the debris from the demolished adjacent sidewalks is added as fill. Finally, we fill the remaining space with soil and ensure compactness before testing for drainage and gravity fall. Our extensive expertise has taught us to place fill material and debris to mitigate future sinkholes.

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