Pool Demolition in Irving, TX

Professional swimming pool removal in Irving, TX

Pools no longer say “luxury” the way that they used to. Maybe it’s because air conditioning technology has come so far or because they seem to invent a new pool chemical every year, but people are removing their pools from their yards. We offer pool demolition in Irving, TX that will free you from endless pool maintenance and let you do what you want with your backyard.

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What Does Pool Removal Entail?

If getting your pool removed sounds like a hassle, just remember that it is the last time your pool will hassle you. And our team makes it as simple as possible. We take care of literally every aspect of your pool demolition, from securing your permit to making sure whatever pool materials can get recycled, do. Here is our process for pool removal:

  • Plan: We start by planning out the details of your pool removal and discussing them with you.
  • Permit: We always secure the permits needed for our work.
  • Drain: We drain the pool according to local regulations and safely dispose of the water.
  • Utilities: We remove and cap off all utility and power lines to the pool for safety.
  • Remove: We drill holes into the pool material strategically so that we can take it out chunk by chunk. Specifics will depend on pool material and removal type.
  • Fill: We fill the hole left by the pool with safe materials which will properly drain rainwater and provide a solid foundation to stand on or to build on.
  • Compaction: We tamp down the fill materials and grade the ground so that it is compact.
  • Clean: We clean up after ourselves.
our team fills the hole of the pool with safe materials

It’s Simple to Prep for Your Pool Removal

We take care of everything for your pool removal, from getting your permit to doing the final cleanup. That means there are only a handful of things we really need you to do for the removal, like:

  • Collect your pool toys
  • Move your patio furniture out of the way
  • Uninstall your pool equipment if you want to sell it
  • Dispose of your pool chemicals safely

Options to Replace Your Pool

What should you put in place of your pool? The possibilities are endless, and it’ll largely depend on your priorities and your budget, but it is fun to consider. What might you want to put in place of your pool?

  • Outdoor kitchen: Take backyard barbecuing to the next level with a whole outdoor kitchen. You can include elements like pizza ovens, outdoor fridges and more.
  • Patio or deck: Get the space you need to entertain, or just enjoy your own outdoor space with a patio or a deck with enough room for the seating you want.
  • Gardens: You can have a feeling of refreshment without a pool, and lush greenery can help.
  • Water fountain: Add a water fountain if you want the sound of water, and you’ll use less water and create a more relaxing environment.
  • Gazebo: Large gazebos are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors without baking directly in the sun.

Why Work With Us?

The team at Dallas Pool Demolition are the experienced professionals you can trust to do your pool demolition correctly. We’ll help you compare partial and full demolitions so you get the removal that you need and that conforms to building codes. We can answer all of your questions and take your pool right out of your hands.

Reach out to us for pool removal in Irving, TX today.

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